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teacher and parents records - BACT

What is BACT RS?

This BACT Reporting System (BACT RS) is made to know and consider if the kid is learning as supposed to be in the Six Deferent Areas of Development (SDAD).

The Six Areas of Development:

1- Social development

2- Language development

3- Creative development

4- Physical development

5- Emotional

6- Mathematical

The Purpose:

The purpose of BACT RS is to evaluate the progress and map it, and support the teachers for better result.

Accordingly plan the learning experiences based on the needs from time to time.

Important to know:

  • Kids are not able to master particular skill all at once, typical development should be presumed in a positive steps.
  • There is a certain sequences of above steps to expect achieving developmental objectives.
  • It is necessary to maintain repeating BACT RS from time to time to track the the progress of development to next levels. This is critical needs for a proper planning, and to streamline the needs, provide summative information, feedback, and interventions plans.

The Evidences:

  • The Evidences are essential part of the BACT RS to be used by the teacher at certain stage.
  • The evidences can be re-considered, and evaluation can be overlooked by senior person other than the person who collects the observes the evidences and add them to the BACT RS.
  •   Collection can be done through ongoing: 1- observation, 2-documentation. During this phase add 3- notes to indicate what kid does and says during their everyday experiences. 4- Samples of kid’s work.
  • Indicate the stage, consequently the plan; based on full BACT RS (more details are below);
  • Update the evidences once every term as minimum.

Next to FULL RS:

  • Understand how to use the BACT RS and indicate the stage and the plan
  • Confirm the plan by senior specialist after consultation with he teacher.
  • Share the plan and the purpose of the plan (Form of plan) with the parents for their approval
  • A verbal report can be given during a formal meeting with he parents, but to be sent in written lately.

The purpose of the plan:

Build on the kid’s strengths and to offer them challenging, yet achievable, experiences to guide their learning.

The confidentiality:

It is required to maintain all BACT RS including the evidences in private and not to disclose such information totally or partially with referring to a name of any person involved in it.

The information can be used with no name of any person for the purpose of scientific reasons.

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