Dynamic Education for a Thriving Future

Get ready for a bright future with Bactraining! We offer the counseling and skills you need to thrive in a constantly evolving world. Start your journey to success today.

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Dynamic Education for a Thriving Future

Comprehensive Curriculum

Diverse programs fostering creativity and tech-integrated teaching for professional growth.

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Attain attested certificates from KHDA and TQUK for elevated career prospects.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Embrace diversity and integrate skills for all learners, promoting equitable education.

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Easy online or HQ enrollment, setting you on a path to endless possibilities.


Bacttraining's Learning Adventure.

From specialized professional development courses to our prowess as a center for IELTS testing and English language training, we offer a vibrant repertoire. Our stage also features the esteemed International Computer Driving License (ICDL) training and testing, raising the curtain on countless opportunities.


Our Courses

TQUK level 5 Diploma in Education & training

BACT Education

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Qualifi level 3 Diploma In Early Years Education & Care

BACT Education

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The Six Mandatory Professional Development Courses

BACT Education

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Teacher Training Program

BACT Education

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Teachers Courses

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At Bacttraining, we are all about building a community of achievers. Together, we shape a future where education transcends boundaries, creating a world of infinite possibilities.

So, take the stage with us and let’s create a melody of triumph that resounds for generations to come.

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Where Learning Comes to Life

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