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📕📕The study of professional educational programmes at Bact’s Centre aims at obtaining  all teachers  who  currently don’t have a teaching qualification and those who like  to work in the educational  field from all specialisations , a professional educational certificate which develops the learners’ knowledge  and skills,  in addition to enable them acquire all innovative knowledge ,applied skills and meet the practical skills and needs in the knowledge Sector.

_It also aims to ensure that the graduate with this certificate, has optimal skills ,knowledge, formal and informal education ,training experience and career experience in all educational fields. This will be demonstrated through the final written test to obtain the certificate and provide practical application in schools.


📒📒The goals of Bait AlJouda Centre’s Training programmes are:                  

  1.Developing Teaching Skills in Educational Subjects.                  

 2.Training on the latest methods of using technology in education.  

 3.Developing teaching skills to those who are in the educational field according to standards.

 4.Developing the creativity and innovation Skills of learners and enabling them to use higher thinking skills.                   

 5.Training on integration skills for people of determination within the classroom environment.   

 6.Training on the effective implementation of the classroom management strategies. 

 7.To learn about the basic concepts of curriculum formulation and development.


🚻🚻Who can study  at Bact ‘s centre?                

_Bact’s programmes have been developed to meet the needs of students who wish to obtain documentation of their professional experiences from an attested , credible specialised  authority .These programmes are offered to individuals ,teachers and schools in the UAE and abroad.


 📑📑Conditions to enrol  at Bait Aljouda Centre, Bact’s :                

1.A learner should have a bachelor degree ,a minimum of a secondary  certificate or an equivalent.

2.The learner should pass the initial evaluation.


📃📃The Required paper sheets  for registeration at Bact’s:

  1.A copy of the latest qualification obtained by the applicant.

 2.A copy of the UAE’s ID.       

 3.A copy of the UAE’s residence

  4.A copy of applicant ‘s passport.                            

💬💬Note: Registration is done through :

1.Bact’s Centre’s Headquarters.

2.On line Registeration.


 📓📓Bact’s Approvals and permits:.

_Bait AlJouda for Consultation and Training  Centre ,Educational Bact  offers: Specialised,educational,professional training programmes, in addition to an attested certificate from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.  

Bact’s Centre, also offers TQUK Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training ,This attested certificate in TQUK  Level 5 Diploma is an essential condition for a teacher ‘s permit in Dubai’s schools . Also, this TQUK Level 5 Diploma  in Education and  Training   Is considered as level 5 in UK framework which is comparable to level 6 in UAE qualification framework. Also, it is regulated by the Office Of Qualifications And Examinations Regulations (OFQUAL) In Britain.


📚📚Bait Al Jouda for Consultation and Training Centre, Bact ,Offers:

 _The Six Mandatory Professional Development Courses 6MPD that are required for a Teacher’s Permit in Dubai’s schools.

_Bact  is  also, a centre to score IELTS tests and it’s also a centre of  training on all English language levels.

 _Bact is a credible training and testing centre for International  Computer Driving License.

_Bact’s offers the service of attesting its Training certificate from the UAE ‘s Foreign Ministry and embassies under request.


✅✅Advantages of obtaining specialised, educational,professioal  certificate from Bact:

1.on the educational institutions levels:

_Professional certificates have become  well_ known and internationally applied  to identify and judge the professional, scientific level of an individual and her/his skills in knowledge sector ,especially when making decisions about  choice assignment, upgrades. And development of a career’s future.

_The Professional certificates have become one of the most important tools and  continuous learning and training methods  which provides establishments with continuous updating  of knowledge and skills for all their employees to lead them to innovation and creativity.

 _The professional certificates increase productivity and improve individual’s and establishment’s performances.

 2.On The Individual Level:.                       

_To obtain an attested certificate from Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai for documentation of professional knowledge, skills and experiences that are considered one of the important  personal goals for all teachers and employees in the educational sector to enhance their feeling of performance, being distinguished and outstanding on the individual level ,in addition to the development of Career’s future.

_To win bonuses and pass to a higher administrative level and to increase wages and rewards.


 Our Story

Lifestyle has changed and so should education. In a time of movement, flexibility, and information overflow, we are determined to create a new learning experience that meets both your needs and today’s business standards. This is the core idea behind creating BACT.