The VARK model in education

The VARK model in education The VARK model, developed by Neil Fleming, is considered the most widely used model to identify learners’ learning styles, and thus to identify and apply appropriate method and activities for their learning and gaining experiences. 1️⃣Visual 2️⃣Aural 3️⃣Read/Write Read/Write 4️⃣Move Kinesthetic 🔷Learning style by reading and writing Read & Write […]

Seven Myths About Using Technology In Education

Seven Myths About Using Technology In Education: 1.The First Myth: The Targeted Group in Distance Learning is the Young. In other words, technology in higher education, in particular, has become existed  and all teachers have to make a clear and conscious transformation, despite their age and position. “Successful people are those who love and welcome […]

What is the correct way to read a children’s story ??

What is the correct way to read a children’s story ?? The story is considered one of the most important factors  to grow up a child’s character, in addition ,it helps to transfer  educational, social and cultural meanings to the child in easy and appropriate ways for her/his age.  There are many ways to read […]

What is Monkeypox Infection?

What is Monkeypox Infection? Monkeypox infection  is a rare zoonotic viral disease caused by Monkeypox virus. ♦️What are the symptoms and clinical signs of Monkeypox disease? Fever exhaustion severe headache back and muscles pain swollen lymph nods and skin’s rash. It usually starts during 1_3 days of fever. In addition ♦️it’s a self limited disease […]

Things that cause  wasting your time that you should avoid

Some Things that  may cause  the waste of your time and you should avoid  doing them There are many things that  may cause  the wasting of your time and these things have negative effects on the lives of individuals. The most reasons of wasting time are:⬇️ 1️⃣To waste your time on Social Media Websites. 2️⃣To […]

The importance of reading

The importance of reading Reading is one of the most useful hobbies ,it’s as a light amid darkness ,through which a reader can see a lot of unknown things. What is the importance of reading ?! During reading ,you can get a lot of advantages: 🟡 To exercise  your brain. 🟡 To think creatively. 🟡 […]

The difference between the positive person and the negative person

What is the difference between the positive person and the negative person ???! ⚫The negative person: The negative person always thinks about problems of life. She/he always waits help from other people. She/he hates doing a work. She/he always looks back  at the past and hopes for impossible things. The negative person is affected and […]

How do you keep your healthy?

How do you keep your healthy? Bact’s Centre will mention many easy and useful   tips which you can follow to keep  healthy:💛 1️⃣You should practice meditation and relaxation for ten minutes every day, that is, you have to be, at this period,  mentally separated from daily routine and you should just relax. 2️⃣You should do […]

Ways to improve our memory while studying

Ways to improve our memory while studying Many students suffer during their studying from bad memory and lack of concentration ,which lead to a low level  in their educational attainment. So Bact’s Consultation and Training Centre offers you some tips to improve your memory while you are studying: ✨You should choose the suitable time to […]

Things not to do after food

Some  Things you shouldn’t do after food: 1️⃣You shouldn’t  ,directly drink  Tea after having food➡️ because it reduces iron absorption. 2️⃣You shouldn’t smoke➡️because smoking  doubles the risk of cancer. 3️⃣You shouldn’t sleep, directly  after having food➡️because it increases stomach acidity.. Dear Respected friends, Would you please tell me about other habits, which should be avoided […]