Childhood  Sciences and Social Nurture

Childhood is  the most beautiful stage of life ,where an innocent childhood immediately  comes to mind .It’s the stage of play,fun and joy.
At this stage, children don’t bear any responsibility or burden,they just play and have fun. In addition children  ,at this stage, are characterised with spontaneity and don’t think or  flatter any one.
_The Childhood is a Stage which  starts from the birth until  maturity .At this stage ,the child learn to speak and walk in addition to other things. At the end of this stage, the child will reach to maturity. Maturity  various  from one person to another , there are some children who  reach maturity   at twelve  ,but others reach maturity at thirteen .These are considered  individual differences between people .Also, at maturity stage, a person will be ready to face life and community and she/he has already grown up  physically, it ‘s also known   as adolescence stage.
*** At adolescence stage, the person  will have learned and acquired  numerous skills and qualities  from the childhood stage and she/he will have trained  how to deal with surrounding individuals and classmates at school. Also, most of these characteristics and skills she/he has gained during the childhood stage. So that, Childhood stage is considered very important  stage ,because the person learn and acquire many skills that she/he will deal with all her/his life.

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