Measuring and diagnosing learning difficulties

This course is designed for teachers and special education specialists in order to identify their causes and manifestations, develop remedial programs and prepare a report on the child’s mental state (intelligence tests) and by comparing his mental abilities and academic achievement between reality and expected. In addition to the following:

1-Write a report on the child’s reading and writing skills using survey and standardized tests.

2-Writing a report on the child’s learning process, how he learned and what he learned, including the strengths and weaknesses, his reception of information, or his linking, and does he have difficulty in reasoning, remembering, imagining, paying attention, or what? Using the metered standards for this.

3-Identifying the causes of learning difficulties and knowing his and his family’s attitude towards them, and studying the physiological, emotional, environmental and psychological factors, through intended and unintended observation, case study and standardized measures for that purpose.

Price: 3000 AED