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Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training (BACT Education)

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Terms and condition

1. Speaker will gain AED 280 for every session (session is upto 2 hours) BACT will provide marketing, learners, etc. Unless there is a written confirmation for another wages.
2. In a situation where trainees/students are brought by the external speaker,
The speaker will be entitled 90% of training cost and BACT will be entitled 10% for any approved training courses successfully completed and delivered by the approved speaker within the premises of BACT institute.
Certificate and VAT is not included
BACT will provide only the premises, and the certification if applicable, and all other operation and materials will be provided by the speaker such as but not limited: marketing, learners, audience, materials, etc.
3. All payments will be made to BACT only
4. The above percentage will be only upon completing the sessions and issuing the certificate.