Aggressive Behaviour  for a child

January 12, 2024

Aggressive Behavior  for a child

Children of all ages are exposed to different situations that cause them to behave  aggressively, resulting in an aggressive child.

What is an aggressive behavior?!

An aggressive behaviour is  an undesirable and unpleasant behaviour which  occurs by children in different ways like: Beating, doing psychological harm, uttering abusive words or aggression Aggression is a negative method by which a child expresses his reaction about a particular  situation

*What are the causes of aggressive behaviour in a child??!

Today, we are going to talk about the causes of aggressive behaviour in order to avoid its occurrence in our children

1️⃣To feel with extreme jealousy when she/he is compared with her/his  peer or brothers /sisters ,in addition to ironic or negative comments by her/his parents .

2️⃣To be exposed to physical or verbal violence by teachers, parents or siblings.

3️⃣to feel that no one cares to her/him or to be neglected.

4️⃣To make fun of Child’s abilities.

5️⃣To have Low self-esteem.

6️⃣To watch Cartoons with violent content.

7️⃣To watch  horrible movie.

8️⃣Child’s great grief sometimes leads her/him  to behave aggressively.

Finally, the child has delicate and sensitive feelings and the childhood stage is one of the most important

 stages of life in which child’s personality and awareness are formed.

An advice to all parents: dear parents ,you are the good model to your children, therefore you must be the  source of safety, passion and peace for them.

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