How Can You Influence Others Positively

January 9, 2024

How Can You Influence Others Positively :

First impressions have a profound impact on the future of your relationship.  The person you meet tries to answer two basic questions between her/him and herself / himself when forming the first impression: “Are your intentions good?” and “Are you a good and special person?”

Some seem to have a natural attraction that leaves no questions around, but for the rest of the people, there are some simple steps that you need to take to improve your odds of positively influencing your first meetings with others, whether it is a business meeting or a social meeting for the first time.

-Prepare questions and topics for the conversation:

_Before you first meet someone, think about what you want to know from them and what you want them to know about you.

This helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings and reduce moments of silence in the conversation.

  • Research the company in advance for job interviews. She will show that you are a serious candidate who thinks carefully about who she works for if the questions are about specific aspects of her work.

_Take your time if you’re meeting someone whose work you like to discover more about them so you can ask relevant questions and go deeper than a regular fan.

_Select your answers:

Set a clear answer to the question “What do I want from this interview?” as you will be treated as a mature and competent person when you set your goals for the meeting. It can also prove you in stressful situations.

  • Your answers should be something within your control. If you’re applying for a job, try to focus on “I want to enhance these qualifications that I have that make me the best candidate.” This is something you can do and it guides you further through the encounter.

_Develop your CV:

. A brief talk about who are you and what is your business is, not just elevator conversations. It should be no more than  4 sentences and should release your tongue easily.

  • Practice in front of a mirror or with friends so that speech sounds natural and unrepeated.

  • Be prepared to change them according to different people and situations.



Show your best:

  • Your appearance is very important when meeting people. You have to choose your clothes according to the context of the meeting, so the clothes for the job interview will differ from the clothes of a loud party.

  • Wear clothes that distinguish you or integrate you with others. Great first impressions can be given both ways and the answer to your question will depend on your intentions and how comfortable you are. Pay attention to the details of your clothes in both cases.

  • Your appearance is not only about your clothes, but also about your car or home. Clean your car thoroughly if there is a possibility that the person you will meet will see it and tidy up your house if you are going to host the other party in your house.

  • Pay attention to your mood. You may shine in your clothes, but if your day is horrible, it will appear to you. Avoid first-impression situations when you’re in a bad emotional state as much as possible.

_Identify the Pillars of the Meeting:

First impression may be your only chance to connect with people you meet in job interviews or when meeting someone you may never meet again. In other situations, such as meeting your coworkers on the first day or moving to a new city, you may just want to be friendly, and your potential will automatically emerge in the following days or weeks.

_Try to Arrange the Date and Place of the Meeting:

  • Suggest a time and place that suits you or agree with your meeting on what’s right for both parties if possible. Remember that the environment of the first encounter may strongly affect mood and degree of stress.

  • Choose a place that makes you feel comfortable if you’re arranging a romantic date.

  • Choose a time of day before which you can find free time and relax so you don’t rush from one thing to another.

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