The School’s Role in Guiding the Emotional Growth in Students

January 12, 2024

The School’s Role in Guiding the Emotional Growth in Students:

The emotional maturity in individuals starts after adolescence  age, so that  students at their different school learning stages are subjected  to modify their emotions .Hence,  the school plays very important role in regulating and guiding  the emotional life of students and the school can prepare many means to achieve its guiding  tasks.

_Some important guiding  tasks that the school uses are:

◼ To provide suitable  social experiences for students. For example, the school should  allow chances for students to play with other students at their age and  encourage students to express their feelings and emotions in the right way.

◼To provide safe classroom and school environment which encourage students to take responsibility, express themselves and practice their  abilities and capabilties.This in turn ,will increase their self_ confidence

and reduce depending inclinations.

◼To understand students ‘emotions and treating them with passion and sympathy.

So that ,the school staff should treat with students according to their growth stage and their emotions .For example, you shouldn’t  treat with a teenager as if she/he were a child.

To help a child to acquire good habits that enable her/ him to control her/his emotional reactions  in a good way .For example, you should train the child to encounter  the reality in  a kind of rational way .or to discuss and get used to accept criticism and the other different opinion .Of course ,we should mention,here, that the teacher  should be the good model for her/his  students in controlling herself/himself and in having balanced emotions.

 So that, the school plays very important role in raising the emotional health of students ,especially through teaching and learning situations that either  develop emotions and raise them to maturity or these situations may  lead  them to emotional troubles, resulting from the school staff misbehaviour with students which in turn ,will lead to reduce the students’ performances standards instead of  becoming successful and outstanding

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