The VARK model in education

January 12, 2024

The VARK model in education

The VARK model, developed by Neil Fleming, is considered the most widely used model to identify learners’ learning styles, and thus to identify and apply appropriate method and activities for their learning and gaining experiences.



3️⃣Read/Write Read/Write

4️⃣Move Kinesthetic

🔷Learning style by reading and writing Read & Write

It is one of the most widespread patterns among students in the world, and the owners of this pattern depend on continuous reading and writing of information in order to receive information, acquire it and understand it well, and the best learning methods for them are intensive reading of information and then writing it on paper.

🔷 Visual learners style

The owner of this style is distinguished by his ability to imagine and visualize, and the best teaching aids suitable for this style are pictures, maps and graphs, as well as videos, diagrams and models.

🔷 Learning style by Auditory learners

The owner of this style learns based on the sound, so you will find that he prefers listening to lectures or scientific material and enjoys educational conversations and discussions through learning groups.

🔷kinesthetic learning style

The kinesthetic learning style is one of the most important and most common learning styles for students, as it is linked to reality and the use of practical training and experiments in order to understand information or scientific material. The owner of this style is distinguished by his superior ability to learn any field through experience.

After knowing the learning styles we have to discover our special learning style, through the VARK model, by taking the VARK test. It is possible that you have one learning style or more than one learning style, and the four styles may exist in varying percentage in general, this is what you will know after the  Test.

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