Forms Of Child’s Abuse

January 12, 2024

Forms Of Child’s Abuse:

There are many forms of child’s abuse images like:

šŸ”˜Harm and Physical Abuse:

This form of child’s abuse means that a child is subjected to intentionalĀ  physical harm from either one of the parents or from another person.

šŸ”˜Emotional Abuse:

Parents’ failure to provide their child with the appropriate emotional support leads to psychological and emotional imbalance, in addition to the loss of the child’s self _ confidence .This includesĀ  verbal abuse by directing inappropriate abusive words and constantĀ  scolding ofĀ  the child ,whetherĀ  she/he was alone on in front of other people ,as well ignoring her/himĀ  or not respecting her/him.


Neglect summarizes many images of harm which the child may be exposed to and it means that the carelessness of providing a good shelter ,the lack of providing enough, healthy food ,in addition to carelessness in the child’s school education or teaching this child good values and morals .

šŸ”˜Health Abuse:

This means that the child doesn’t receive adequate health care, especially when this child is exposed to any deceaseĀ  and isn’t given the necessary vaccinations nor helped to be protected from diseases.

*Childā€™sAbuse Risks:

Child abuse leads to be exposed to large numbers of health and psychological problems, like:

šŸ”·Solitude and constant desire not to be with others, whether friends or relatives.

šŸ”·The child becomes more aggressive and angry in addition to hyperactivity and constant crying.

šŸ”· The child suffers from dangerous psychological disorders like: depression,stress,constant anxiety and unjustified fear.

šŸ”·A decline in the child’s academic level and her/his constant desire of not going to school ,in addition to reluctance to participate in games and social activities that her/his peers do.

šŸ”·The child sometimes tries to escape from her/his family or the people who hurt her/him.

šŸ”·The childā€™s abuse may lead this child to harm herself/himself or commit suicideĀ  .

šŸ”·The child may suffer from delay in emotional growth and loses her/his self-confidence and self-esteem.

šŸ”·The child may be exposed to growth disordersĀ  like noticeable physical weakness or obesity .

šŸ”· The child suffers from physical disabilities .

šŸ”·The child suffers from learning difficulties and loses the ability to acquire and develop skills.

šŸ”·In other cases, The child suffers fromĀ  dangerous organic diseases like:Ā  circulatory diseases represented by cardiovascularĀ  diseasesĀ  ,weakness in immune system ,thus increasing chancesĀ  in infectious diseases ,respiratory and digestive diseases and cancer may occur.

šŸ”·When the child grows up ,she/he has completely deviant behaviour and causes harm to others.

šŸ”·The child can’t endure any shocks ,frustrations, or pressures and this is met with imbalanced reaction.

šŸ”·The child loses the ability to establish relations and friendships ,so that she/he will becomeĀ  socially outcast.

šŸ”·The child suffers from insomnia all the time and theĀ  inability to have calm,healthy sleep.

šŸ”·Finally, the child’s abuse whether physical, psychological or health may lead the child to death.

Ā Protecting The child from abuse.

Every father or mother should be aware of the correct way of dealing with their child like:

1ļøāƒ£The parents should give their child the necessary amount of love, tenderness and containment.

2ļøāƒ£The parents should be interested in the child’s education and provide her/him with all entertainment means like :games and children stories ,in addition to other things.

3ļøāƒ£The parents should take care of their child’s health ,giving her/him vaccinations and treating her/him when exposed to any disease and provide her/him with protection means.

4ļøāƒ£Appreciating the child and not insulting her/him in front of her/his peers .

5ļøāƒ£Enhancement of the child’s self-confidence and protecting her/him in addition to not leaving your child with strangers .

6ļøāƒ£ Observing your child and get acquainted with all people contacting with her/him whether at school,via Internet or at any other place.

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