What Are The Factors That Create Emotions In Children?

January 12, 2024

What Are The Factors That Create Emotions In Children?

_Emotional Raising:

The emotional formation of a child starts at an early age. The child learns from her/his family many emotions like: love,hatred,jealousy,selfishness ….etc.

_Emotions Are Learned Not Born!

_If we come back to our own experience, we find that emotions are learned not innate! for example we have love towards some people,but hatred towards others.

Therefore, the Emotional Raising has a great impact on the psychological formation of the individual , her/his psychological balance and psychological health .So that, we find many delinquency     cases relating to the raising up in the childhood stage and to cruel treatment  with the child ,violence and hatred ,or to difference in treatment with children ,these things  lead to the formation of  many inborn emotional experiences that will appear when the child reaches puberty age. Also, these inborn  emotional experiences make  the child suffer from psychological deviation .

_What Are The Factors That Create Emotions in Children?

The adults ’emotions and tendencies are closely related to their suffering from their early childhood to all other growth stages  .But, the first childhood  experiences that the child has lived ,whether they wear pleasant or unpleasant, have the most important impact on the child’s emotional growth.

When she/he reaches the age of adolescence or maturity .

Because of this close relation between the childhood stage and the other growth stages ,this relation will be compensatory.

 For example, when a young girl and a young man have love relationship,their love relationship will be affected by their both  childhoods  emotional  experiences ,whether pleasant or unpleasant.

 2 The Child’s Social Surrounding .

The child’s social surrounding has a great impact on  the formation of many emotions in this child like: love,hatred, selfishness, jealousy…ect .Also.the social rules or criteria like: customs , traditions ,social and economic needs , in addition to  values  play a great role in directing the individual motivations since the early childhood to other  different growth stages.

 Also, these directing, encouraging  factors by the child’s social surrounding play a great role in formation and raising many emotions.

 3.The Personal Factor:

The personal factor arises according to the nature of each individual and the physical ,mental and emotional preparations of this person’s nature which impacts on the growth of some emotions in the individual  without other emotions, for example, emotional characters are more willing to posses emotions towards other people, whereas kinaesthetic characters are more willing to do sport.

: 4.Gendre Factor:

Males and females are different in their emotions ,for example males have tendencies toward scientific topics maths, geometry ,invention and creativity, whereas females often have  tendencies towards art and literature.

[ _At last, as we have seen ,these are some basic  factors that impact on  creating of the child’s emotions  ,and all these factors assure that emotions are learned not born !and these emotions arise from the child’s experiences from the early childhood to all her/his different growth stages, whether these experiences were pleasant or unpleasant.

I think we must raise up our children in the correct and healthy psychological way, in order to provide them with pleasant emotions.

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