How Do You Deal With Work Increased  Pressure?

January 12, 2024

How Do You Deal With Work Increased  Pressure?

_Work Pressure results from  the large number of tasks  that must be performed in a short period of time and these tasks are sometimes many and urgent.

_Many studies have shown that this pressure  may have a harmful effect  on the  individual health, when this individual is  under pressure at work,she/he  will become less productive and  more likely to make mistakes.

_Today, the work environment has become very  stressful and demanding ,this situation  leads many employees to feel anxious and stressed most of the time as a result of having to do a daily list  of tasks which seems to be endle .

_As for the positive side of work pressure if it was reasonable,it would change into “mental motivation”, to perform the tasks quickly and effectively like: preparing an important report or inventing new methods to perform  many tasks at  a specific time,this is what The Canadian psychologist called “Enthusiastic Pressure”. Thus, it becomes a required and essential skill  for every person who wants to succeed and excel in her/his field, in spite of all difficulties and challenges that may face her/him.

But, this doesn’t mean that you lose your self-confidence or abilities because the reason for  this pressure may be the change in the work environment or increased requirements which makes you need more resources and support.

 _Below, you can learn about some steps that will help you deal with your  daily to do_ list of tasks and organise your busy schedule effectively:

1️⃣-You should identify what is the reason of your stress and use different methods to reduce it .This may help you deal better with the situations that cause this stress .In fact, you may be able to get rid of some sources of stress once you know the reason of this stress and find the solution of it in the future .


Keep a diary of the times you felt stressed ,write date and time and the cause of the stress.

2️⃣-Review your diary at the end of the day or the end of the week and see what are the reasons that caused your stress and try to find ways to get rid of them .Also,you should learn that there are some things that you can’t do anything about, so the best solution is to accept them and reduce  the intensity of your negative feelings.

3️⃣-Don’t do more than one task at the same time.

You may be surprised by this point ,as many people may think it is useful ,but  working on multiple projects and  large tasks at the same time may confuse you a bit, so it is better to focus on each task separately.

Doing  more than one task at the same time ,may sometimes decrease your sense of performance , especially if you move from one task to another without completing any one of them wholly.

 Focus on doing  only one task ,will enable you to allocate the required time and effort to perform it effectively and experience  the sense of satisfaction which accompanies the  deleting of a completed task on the daily list

4️⃣-Arrange your daily tasks in order of priority and prepare a plan:

_Arranging your daily tasks in order of priority can be very  helpful .You should try  to guess the required time to perform  every task and identify the type of  help you need, doing this ,at the start of every day ,will help you to know your ability of performance and what tasks you can do and what  can be postponed .By this method ,you can identify the  amount of daily tasks you can do and refuse any additional task you can’t do.

5️⃣-You shouldTalk to your boss:

It’s Okay if you were sometimes  obliged to do overwork ,this is normal, but don’t expect  that your boss will discover that you are working beyond your capacity if you don’t tell her/him. So that ,you don’t hesitate to talk to your boss when your daily responsibility increases quickly, in a way that affects on the quality of your work because your boss will ask another employee to do some of your tasks. In addition ,you shouldn’t hesitate to ask help from your workmates or managers

6️⃣-You should learn relaxation techniques :

Breathing, muscle relaxation blocking mental thinking techniques are methods  you can use when you feel stressed.

It’s preferable for many people to  stay away ,if possible,from the place and  go out from the stressing situation. This technique is known as “taking a break”.

We can calm mind and body by getting out from the stressful situation for 10minutes to reduce the stress level.

7️⃣-You should take a break:

_Relaxation for a few minutes is all what you need ,when things are  going uncontrolled .

8️⃣-You should try to allocate some time daily to do unrelated activities like:meditation,cycling,walking to your home while listening to your  headphone.  Also, you should grant your body and brain some relaxation period ,this will help you to think  more clearly ,reduce your stress and raise your energy. This will be reflected positively on your performance at work.




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