Twenty-first  Century Skills

January 12, 2024

 An Educational Article about Twenty-first  Century Skills.

◼Teaching 21st  Century Skills requires a new thinking in the educational curricula .This will be achieved by concentrating  on a set of required abilities by students to achieve success at knowledge and information age. Therefore, the successful education is that which prepares  and provides children with skills ,knowledge and trends which  in turn, will enable them to live happily and work enough when they grow up.

 ◾Teaching 21st Century Skills isn’t only about teaching a particular strategy or a definite tool, but it is about teaching students a way and a process of thinking  about what they are learning. The purpose of this way and process is to help children to think separately about the content and look for answers to their questions

◾In addition to make creative and  critical thinking habitual for children, through  meditation and the ability to solve problems .

The main purpose of this is to provide the learner with knowledge ,experiences and trends which enable her/him to succeed in work and life and it isn’t limited to teach the learner only the basic  learning skills like :reading, arithmetic and writing ,but we want  a learner who will succeed in both  work and life and not only to succeed at school.

Among  those  most important required skills for this century as what are called the Four Ts :(invention,innovation,critical thinking and problem _solving ,communication, negotiation ,sharing others and working in a team).

◾These skills require us as educators  to raise a generation of thinkers and learners who think creatively to problem-solving and share with others at home and work .In addition to their being able to learn, create new ideas,and use technology  to reach knowledge and its analysis .In other way, we can say that we have really become in need of institutions that prepare teachers and curricula ,belonging to the 21st century.

So that,we need to prepare the 21st century teacher’s model who is well_educated,creative, and meditative in order to be able to provide  her/his students with the 21st century skills that must have become as a part of the teacher’s daily behaviour and her/his teaching approach.

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