Seven Basic Tips To Learn Programming From The Beginning

January 12, 2024

Seven Basic Tips To Learn Programming From The Beginning.

_Learning Programming from the beginning is one  of the goals of many young people. Especially ,with the increasing demand, nowadays, for employees who have technical skills Therefore ,choosing programming as a skill and to become professional  in this sector is very possible option .Hence, you shouldn’ t let   fear of failure to be a barrier to  achieve your ambition. Many previous young people were like you, so that it isn’t important the difficulty of the skill that you are going to learn, but the most important is to have a strong determination.

 _Here are some basic tips to learn programming from the beginning:

🔶You should allocate enough time to learn programming.

Allocating enough time to learn programming is very important,it depends on many standards that differ from one person to another ,these are some of these standards:

🔶The person’s Comprehension capacity.

Every person’s comprehension capacity  differs from the other person .For example, there’s some one who can understand an idea in only one hour, but other person may need one day, but the third may need one week. Therefore, it’ s very important to identify your comprehension capacity.

🔶How much does  the person love this sector!?

How much does the person love this sector differs from one person to another according to the reason why this person prefers to learn this sector ,either to win money or to find a job ,both of these people will learn ,but the person who likes the sector will be more successful and learn more quickly.

🔶The number of the hours allocated to learn:

How many hours do you spend in learning ,will differ from one person to another ,for example there is someone who requires all day to learn, whereas another person requires only one hour.

The educational path and scheme og work:

There is someone who prefers to learn without putting a plan or a scheme of work , so she/he wastes a lot of her/his time, but another person puts a complete, well -organised  educational plan  which enables this learner to achieve her/his  learning objectives quickly.

 Seven Basic  Tips to Learn Programming from The Beginning:

📙You should know what is the reason behind your desire to learn programming..

_Every one of us has his own personal reasons and motivations to learn programming .For example ,there is someone who likes learning programming ,due to its increasing demand in the labour market, also there is another one who prefers private job, in addition to some others reasons relating to the people desires  .So the  reason for learning is the key ,then the other reasons come after.

📙You should choose specific programming language.

Before you start learning ,you should choose the correct programming language, and you shouldn’t choose the best language ,as there’s no best language and every language has its positive and negative sides, this is relating to what is your target .For example, if you want to learn about iOS applications ,you need  to learn( Swift).

 📙You should learn stage by stage:

_It’s a human nature that a man wants to learn every thing as soon as possible ,but in order to avoid any future problem or possible fatigue, dictating retreat ,you should divide your learning stage into small parts, then you should start  learning the basics and look for a suitable method like:(books, Internet Courses ,or playing entertaining programming games, or you can search for kids learning programming websites because these websites facilitate learning .

📙You should start from the beginning:

You should start from the beginning because many people like skipping to create applications soon, so that they are trapped  by their desires .These people  ignore that every building  is based on a basic and programming also is based on basics.

📙You should learn and teach other people:

 One of the nice things is that  the programming community is full with people who like helping others and sharing with them their gains. Therefore ,you should contact with these people and learn from them and when you have got the expertise, you should teach the others.

 📙You  shouldn’t worry:

To learn programming isn’t easy, especially if you’re new to technology. As you aren’t going to learn   only language and new android ,but you have to train yourself to think in a different new way completely, but don’t worry ,you will be accustomed to this  new way of thinking.

_ In addition you may be surrounded by a lot of noise from your family, friends or some people who think that they are experts when they offer  you useful advice that will discourage you and let you feel tired .Also, other people think they have reached the top and no one else deserves it .So that you should make all these things as  an incentive to go ahead and never listen to them, you are a strong person.

 📙You have just to start:

This advice may be the most important one ,just start! If you have already decided to learn programming ,just start!

You should register at programming school ,or join to one of the courses on the Internet or break the fear barrier and start!

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