How To Deal With a Hyperactive Child?!

January 12, 2024

How To Deal With a Hyperactive Child?!

šŸ’ Controlling the child’s aggression.

Ā How to Control the child’s aggression?

Aggressive raids by children suffering from ADHD ” Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder” is a common problem .Time-out is an effective means to calm the hyperactive child .If your child behaves like this in public, you should immediately deal with your child inĀ  a calm and decisive manner. Also, you should explain to your child the meaning ofĀ  “a time -Out” as aĀ  ā€œPeriod to calm down and reflect on the negative behaviourā€. In addition,you should try to ignoreĀ  moderate disruptiveĀ  as a way to release her/ his pent-up energy .Although, the intendedĀ  destructive, abusive and disruptive behaviour should always be punished ,especially when this disruptiveĀ  behaviour is against the rulesĀ  that you have set.

šŸ’ To establish a routine to your child.

You should create a specific routine to your child and stick to it every day ,like creating rituals around meals,homework,play,bedtimes ,simple daily tasks as asking your child to prepare her/ his clothes for the following day ,which is considered as an essential base.

Ā šŸ’ To divide tasks into manageable things:

You should try to use abig wall Ā calendar to help your child remind her/his homework, in addition Ā color coding and home work help your child overcome routine and homework .Even ,you should divide daily routine to small ,separate tasks.

šŸ’ Simplify and Organize Your Child’s Life.

You should create a calm, private environment for your child in order to read, do homework and take a break fromĀ  daily life’s chaos. Also, you should keep your house neat and well-organized because this way helps your child to know where everything is going and this will lead to reduce unnecessary distractions .

šŸ’ To reduce distractions.

Children who suffer from ADHD welcome distraction.Television,Video games and Computer encourage impulsive behaviour which must be regulated by reducing time of usingĀ Ā  electronics and allocating more time for doing outdoor activities .your child will have a path for inborn energy .

Ā šŸ’ To encourage your child to do more exercises.

Physical activity burns excess energy in healthy ways and it helps the child focus on certain movements ,this focus will reduce child’s impulsivity ,also, doing exercisesĀ  may improveĀ  focus and reduce the risk of depression ,anxiety, stress and it activates the brain in healthy ways.

Ā Many professional athletes have special skill in dealing with children who suffer from ADHD and experts think that athletes can help the child with ADHD findĀ  a constructive way to focus their passion, attention and energy.

Ā šŸ’ To regulate the child’s sleep types.

Sleeping may be difficult ,especially for children who suffer fro ADHD because lack of sleep leads to exacerbatesĀ  neglect, hyperactivity and impulsivity .It’s very important to help your child sleep better in order to get more comfortĀ  and end using activating things Ā like sugar ,caffeine , reduce time for watching TV and create healthy rituals for bedtime.

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